Future of Youtube

What YouTube Will Continue To Provide

Youtube itself has been a very revolutionary thing for many people. It helps people learn things, explore ideas, make money, and inspire people. Youtube is a great platform. Although there have been recent complaints about youtube and how it is having issues with its algorithms, they are actively working to improve their system. They have come a long way from 2005 and the recently they are also making VR viewable videos. Click on the link to go to the websiteYouTube

Possible Outcomes Of Video Entertainment

Every day Billions of people view videos on youtube like Pewdiepie's and other major youtuber's.Youtube's future will be huge, it will be even more widely used and spread. More people will find more uses to do for youtube besides entertainment and reviews such as games, and interactive experiences. In both cases partly driven by YouTube’s evolution into the world’s largest catalogue of virtual reality content. But also because games will sit neatly alongside shows and music in YouTube’s entertainment mix. credit:Where we found the information.

What It Will Become

Youtube is still in the beginning of its future and is used by many people regardless of age. Youtube is going to hit its peak in the future and will eventually take over all news channels and replace normal cable TV as people nowadays use the internet to gain such information and access to subscriptions of whatsoever.

To learn more Youtube check out the Wikipedia

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